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Parent Feedback

Feedback from parents following World Book Day 


What have you enjoyed about today?

Being back in school with  the children

The activities that have been provided and the hot chocolate!

Coming into school to see the children's classroom and being a part of the learning.

Loved coming into the classroom and being part of the learning.

It's been so lovely to be in school with all the kids!

It's been nice to see Z in school and I think its been nice for him to see me as he said a couple of times "thank you for coming" and "I'm glad you could come."

Thank you for having us in, it's been lovely to join in with school life.

Lovely to be back in school sharing activities with the children.

Lovely to actually see the school and spend time with the kids

It was lovely to finally be able to set foot inside the school after 2 years. Was a pleasure to see where the children are learning their life skills.

We also appreciate all your hard work and efforts that go into teaching my son.

Very enjoyable, nice to come into the classroom. Well presented with a range of things to do.

Being a child again. Great to see the children interacting so well. Very enjoyable.

Brilliant opportunity to be able to engage with my child in her school environment.

Lovely to finally see the school!

Thank you letter for Kingfisher's

Some lovely messages from Y3 Parents:

Really lovely seeing you today! M said she really enjoyed having a chat and seeing your face! Your doing a great job! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

Hi Becky,
He had a little light bulb moment with the subtraction! He said, ‘I get it!.’ So that was lovely to see and he got it with your help.
He doesn’t get division so that would be a big help if you’ve got any worksheets on that that would be a big help.

 15 Jan 2021

Hi Mrs B,
Thank you for your message. He loves reading them!
He did enjoy the fable and we had a giggle doing it!
We have a printer so that’s great and thank you for sending the sheets.
You have gone above and beyond for J and been so understanding with what has been, and still is, a difficult time in our lives. We will be forever in your debt.
We are working this morning and are doing the 11.15 zoom then going out on a long muddy dog walk!
Hope you have a good rest at the weekend and get to put your feet up!
Take care and be safe.



I just wanted to say thank you for your understanding and support of J. He has had a massive lift from being on zoom and receiving your encouraging message.
He couldn’t have done it without you!


He seems to be coping with the English even at first glance it seems like a mammoth task for him, especially the fable work, but he tackled it and took it all in his stride and was so proud of his finished work.
We are reading the BFG at night time and he enjoys us reading one page and he reads another.
He thrives on praise and loves the messages from you and Mr W about his work so if I just keep his enthusiasm and interest going he will continue to enjoy what he is doing.


You deserve it!
All three of my children hold you in the highest respect. Myself and husband too! You have always been so kind and supportive and you haven’t wavered during these extremely difficult times!
I don’t know how you do it ๐Ÿ˜Š


You have been amazing, have a restful weekend. I’m so sorry to be the one who sends you a million messages a day!


Thank you for all your support, I've told her your proud of her and that makes her happy!


We've been and collected ours. Mrs B thank you so so much for all you are doing you really are the glue holding everything together right now ๐Ÿ˜€

Thank You J’s trying really hard, he loves the feedback and zoom calls.

Thanks for all your hard work, no problem here, my lot are getting on with things fine. We appreciate all you're doing


I can only imagine how stressful this is for you all, but your all doing brilliant and really appreciate the efforts your doing with the home learning.

Thank you so much for all your help! I can’t tell you how much of a difference it has made having the iPad.

I really appreciate all you have done and for taking the time to make sure we are ok and just by letting us know you are there and doing everything you can to help make our lives easier in such a difficult time for all of us, including your self I’m sure so that makes your help even more appreciated.

Hope you are well, many thanks 


Y4 mum

Dear Mrs Gordon,


I just wanted to thank you and your team for everything you and they have done this week. It was lovely watching my son smile during his online sessions. He was looking forward to going back to school and was upset when he discovered he would be at home again. The regular contact with Mrs Power and his friends in the class has made all the difference. We hugely appreciate your commitment and care for the children and the time you have put in at very short notice to provide accessible resources and create a system that will work for them all. Mrs Power has been amazing - so calm and encouraging with the children even whilst grappling with a new style of teaching and the technology. Could you please pass on my thanks and best wishes to your whole team.


Many thanks and blessings to all,

Y5 mum

my soni is accessing all zoom sessions and he seems to enjoying those. Mrs Arlow messaged to say they're going to be sorting a maths zoom for his age group which will be a lot better and he's also working through he's ks2 maths Arithmetic book which he's doing great with.
We picked up his learning pack and he's started to read one of the books from that.
It's the writing side of things he gets frustrated with which hopefully in time gets better.
We do a spellings test and timetable test each day he seems to be enjoying that too.
All all my children are enjoying a joe wicks video or a fun dance and the odd walk when not so cold to try keep them active too.
I've written today's schedule down for him off Dojo see how he gets on with that.

Have a lovely weekend
And thanks again for the help and suppor

Y6 parent



Thank you so much for your quick response and please stay safe! Thanks for all you and the rest of the staff are doing. 


Mrs. Gordon’s message the other day was very much appreciated and I couldn’t be more impressed with how well the school has handled this unprecedented situation! 


All the best, 

from a Y3 mum

"Good Morning Mrs Gordon. Just a quick message to say I am super impressed with the communications from the school this week. I'd also like to say how impressed I am with Miss Powell's patience with and authority over the class while my daughter is sitting her lessons at home."


From a Y4 parent

To all staff,


Please don’t worry about responding to this email as I know how busy you all are!


I just felt it important to drop you a note to say how amazed I am by the efforts you have all gone to in rolling out the home school solutions.


I’ve sat all week watching my daughter work with me at the kitchen table. She has felt included in the lessons and I’ve actually gained a great insight into how she learns!


So impressed with everyone, the communication and how you have all responded! A massive well done!


Stay safe and thank you!

from a Y5 father