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Studley St. Mary’s

Church of England Academy

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Examples of Excellent Work

The children have been settling in to Year 3 and 4 really well. They have been focusing on their own pride in their work and the presentation of it. 


To start off with we had a whole school focus on the book Tusk Tusk and Year 3 were able to make some amazing inferences from the book.


In Year 4 the children have produced some amazing pieces of writing based on our book Firebird.


In Science, we have been learning about classification and the amazing job that Carl Linneaus did. 


During Art to tie in with our Geography unit of Europe the children have been practicing their line drawing of key landmarks.

Online Safety

Year 4 have read and analysed the Jabberwocky, which is a nonsense poem. 


They then recreated their own. 

Please find a link below to a video of the children performing The Dricken. 

Year 4 - Water Cycle Explanation texts