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Studley St. Mary’s

Church of England Academy

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The school is part of the Diocese of Coventry Multi Academy Trust and the Academy Governance Committee (AGC) is part of the governance structure of the Trust which is responsible for overseeing strategic decisions of the school. The governance structure for the trust as a whole is outlined in the governance structure documents here.


As an Academy Governance Committee we work in close partnership with the Headteacher and senior leadership team to ensure the best quality education is provided to every child. It is our responsibility to support, challenge, ask questions and ultimately represent the school community. The Academy Governance Committee acts as a ‘critical friend’ to the senior leadership team, questioning and challenging decisions in a constructive and professional way.


Academy Governance Committees have key roles in relation to: providing support, monitoring and challenge around educational experience and performance; church, community and stakeholder engagement and supporting alignment with Trust strategy, approach, ethos and values. The AGC Members meet regularly, visit the school when possible and during special events.  As a team, we are able to support the school to function well and strive to provide a high standard of education.


As a Church of England Academy (part of the Diocese of Coventry Multi-Academy Trust) all the AGC Members support the school in being a place of inclusive welcome and education for everyone.

Academy Governance Committee (AGC) 


AGC Members

Parent and staff AGC Members are elected, except for the Headteacher who holds an ex-officio staff AGC member position. Parent AGC Members must have a child currently at the academy to be eligible; Staff AGC Members must be employed at the academy. Foundation AGC Members are nominated by the parochial church council (PCC) and appointed by the Diocesan Board of Education. One foundation position is reserved for a member of the clergy from the parish in which the academy exists.


AGC Chair: Caroline Taylor


The contact address for the Chair is:


The Chair of Governors, Studley St Mary's CofE Academy, c/o The Diocese of Coventry Multi Academy Trust, Harris CofE Academy, Harris Drive, Overslade Road, Rugby, CV22 6EA




You can contact any of the AGC Members through the academy office


Term of Office for an AGC Member is 4 years. The chair is elected annually.





Caroline Taylor

I'm Chair of the Academy Governance Committee (AGC). I'm a Foundation Governor and also link Governor responsible for Safeguarding.  

Both my children attended Studley St. Mary's and flourished during their time here. I joined the AGC in 2020 initially as a Parent Governor because I wanted to get more involved in supporting and contributing to school life.

I'm passionate about supporting children in our local community to enjoy school and achieve their full potential. As a Governor,  I can use my skills and expertise to work strategically alongside the senior leadership team and staff to enable the school to be as effective as possible and to drive school improvement. 

Studley St. Mary's is such a welcoming place and the best part of my role is going into school and seeing pupils enjoying school life and thriving. 

Steve Parry 

I am Vice Chair of the AGC and a Foundation Governor.

Both of my sons have been educated at Studley St Mary’s C of E Academy. 

Having been a parent governor at Studley Infants’ school, I wanted to continue to provide my support,

advice and experience to the schools in my local community, at the same time helping the Headteacher

to deliver on her objectives and philosophies. 

I enjoy being part of school life and making a contribution where I can towards the overall

success of the school.

Reverend Kate Mier

I am the vicar of St Mary’s Parish Church Studley (down by the river).  I am a Foundation Governor.  I am also Chaplain to our Church of England school which means I am here to support the whole school community: children, parents, staff, and governors.  Obviously, as your local vicar, I am very enthusiastic about Jesus Christ and about the positive difference that Christianity makes to our lives as individuals, as a school community, and to our village.  I’m here to help all of us experience the ‘life in all its fullness’ that Jesus wants for us, and to follow the way of Jesus.  It is a privilege to be a part of our school.  If I need cheering up a visit to school does me the world of good.  I am always glad to have a conversation with anyone who would appreciate a chat.  Contact me at

Alan Clarke

Both my children now attend Studley St Marys CofE Academy and I am keen to help the school and headteacher

provide all children with a positive educational experience.

I wanted to be a Parent Governor to gain insight into the experiences of my own children and provide staff and the governing body with an additional perspective.

I have lived in the local community all my life and work there too, I hope I can contribute to the overall success of the school.


Shirley Stout

I moved to Studley only fairly recently in 2021, and as such I am keen to get to know the village better and play 

an active part in the community. Having worked as a secondary school teacher of modern languages for

the last thirty years, and being a practising Christian too, becoming a Foundation Governor at St Mary’s offers

great opportunity to do just this. I believe passionately that a good education is every child’s right and the key to a brighter future for all. As a Foundation Governor I want to serve the school community by supporting the staff and headteacher in their academic and wider provision.

Rich Lewis

I am a Foundation Governor at Studley St. Mary’s School. I have very fond memories of my time growing up in a Christian school and I value the enormous impact it had on my life, my beliefs and values.

I moved to the area in 2013 and I think we have a fantastic community here.

I am keen to make a contribution and being a governor at Studley, St. Mary’s is the perfect

place for me to do this. It is a wonderful school and I find it very rewarding supporting the staff

in providing a great education and experience that I enjoyed as a child.




CategoryTitleFirst NameLast NamePositionSDP responsibilitiesLinked responsibilitiesStart DateRe-appointmentEnd DateAppointed ByAttendance 2022/23Attendance 2023/24
Foundation KateMeirChaplain  24.09.2022 N/aEx-officio by virtue of office06/06/20244/4
FoundationMrRichLewis   31.10.2023 30.10.2027DBEn/a3/3
FoundationMrsShirleyStout   17.01.2023 16.01.2027DBE4/44/4
FoundationMrStephenParryVice Chair  28.04.202318.12.202317.12.2027DBE6/63/4
FoundationMrsCarolineTaylorChair  11.3.202118.12.202317.12.2027DBE6/64/4
ParentMrCarlWalker   08.08.2023 07.08.2027Elected by Parentsn/a1/4
ParentMrAlanClarke   06.12.2022 05.12.2026Elected by Parents4/54/4
Staff RebeccaGordonHeadteacher  02.11.2020 N/aEx-officio by virtue of office06/06/20244/4
StaffMrMartinHughes   09.09.201917.02.202416.02.2028Elected by Staff3/63/4
Clerk to Governors            
AGC Clerk KatyThompson         
ParentMrJohn Wood   18.07.2019 18.07.2023 4/6 
FoundationMrKeithJohnson   01.11.201601.11.202031.07.2023 3/6 
Clerk LorraineBarnes     31.08.2023   
Staff MartinHughes   09.09.2019 08.09.2023 3/61/1
CommunityMrStephenParryVice Chair  28.04.2023 17.12.2023 6/62/2
CommunityMrsCarolineTaylorChair  11.3.2021 18.12.2023 6/62/2
FoundationMrsSarahFurlow   26.06.2020 22.02.2024 3/61/2
StaffMrsTracyKirkland   01.09.2020 15.11.2023 3/61/2




Pecuniary and Business Interest

Educational Establishments


Date of Declaration

Kate, Meir


 Mappleborough Green Primary school



Rich, Lewis

Nil Return




Shirley, Stout

Nil Return




Stephen, Parry

Nil Return




Caroline, Taylor


Studley High School



Carl, Walker

Nil Return




Alan, Clarke

Thorlux Lighting




Rebecca, Gordon

Badger Windows

Married to Director 



Martin, Hughes

Nil Return




Retired Governors

Date of Retirement

Martin, Hughes

Nil Return




Stephen, Parry

Nil Return




Caroline, Taylor


Studley High School



Sarah Furlow

Nil Return




Tracy Kirkland

Nil Return