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Studley St. Mary’s

Church of England Academy

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We use technology in our daily lives and therefore Computing is an essential subject. It is vital that children are taught key computing knowledge and skills so that they can be ambitious, be prepared for later life and be equipped for future careers. Furthermore, at Studley St Mary’s Academy, we understand the importance of keeping children safe; pupils are taught how to use electronic devices sensibly and safely through Computing lessons, PSHE lessons and through half termly assemblies.  

Our Computing curriculum ensures that a range of knowledge and skills are covered. Each year, our spiral curriculum consists of six different topics.

Start, Connect and Save (To Connect)

Children understand how devices are connected and record information through Microsoft Word.

Create and Present (To Present)

Children research a topic and articulate/present the information through PowerPoint.

Music and Movie Magic (To Create)

Children use different programmes to edit photos/ videos and to create music.

Graphs for All (To Collect)

Children create a survey to gather data and they then create tables and graphs through programmes such as Microsoft Excel.

From Gamer to Programmer (To Code)

Children use programmes such as Scratch to create characters, backgrounds and games. Children also learn how to correct errors (debugging).

Passwords, Privacy and Protection (Online Safety)

Children are taught how to stay safe online and are given opportunities to share their experiences, concerns and ideas.

Computing Overview