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Tips for Supporting Your Child with Remote Learning

Help with planning your remote learning day

1. Schedule: Set and keep a schedule for them. The closer it is to a school schedule the better. Please get in touch if you would like support with making a visual timetable to support your child. 

2. Materials: Make sure that they have the materials that they need to complete the tasks that they are set. A basic pencil case containing a pen, pencil, rubber, ruler, pencil sharpener, scissors, glue and coloured pencils will be essential. If possible, ensure access to a whiteboard and pen.

3. Environment: Provide a positive work environment. We know that this isn't always easy, but establish a routine where your child sets up and tidies away their work station each day (just as they would be expected to in class). This needs to be an area that is distraction free as possible. Make sure that the television is turned off. Background noise such as music can help. 

4. Plan: Create a daily plan - a to do list that they can tick off is always motivating!

5. Help them understand: It is not your job to teach your child. If you can give them hints to help them understand then do, but if they need further help from the children, let the teacher know and we can provide support. 

6. Complete: Make sure all work is completed on a daily basis. Seeing a job list piling up will only cause stress for you and them. 

7. Well being: Well being must come first. Set a time limit for tasks (30 minutes for most) and stick to it. If they haven't finished in that time, then they may need more support. 

8. Growth Mindset: Encourage a Growth Mindset. Praise their effort, not the outcome. Use the language of 'yet'. I can't do it 'yet' but I am getting better. 

9. Organise: Help them to keep their work environment organised by tidying away in between each session.

10. Support: Encourage your child to message the teacher or teaching assistant to ask for help. That is our job and we want to help your child achieve their very best.