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Studley St. Mary’s

Church of England Academy

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Sources of Support

The Children's Community Autism Support Service (CCASS)

If your child currently has a diagnosis of ASC (Autistic Spectrum Condition – formally known as ASD) or if they are on the neurodevelopmental service assessment waiting list, you may find this service helpful. The Children’s Community Autism Support Service (CCASS). They offer support around managing the needs of children and families, offering low level support which is focused around understanding and communicating feelings, sensory integration and processing, behaviour, boundaries and routines, eating and sleeping. The service can help children, young people and families with setting goals related to management of the young person’s neurodevelopmental needs and achieving them to improve the lived experience of the child.

This can be around:

Understanding what a diagnosis of autism means to the child 

Maintaining & improving engagement with education  

Strengthening family relationships 

Preventing escalation of mental health issues & reducing behaviours of concern  

Increasing resilience & improving health and wellbeing 

Developing independent living skills & managing life transitions 

Accessing the community and socialising