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Fine Motor Skills

Fine motor skills are small muscle movements of the fingers in coordination wiht the eyes. When teaching fine motor skills try to be patient and understanding with your child. Fine motor skills take more time and practice to develop than we adults might think. Sometimes we forget just how many of these skills need to be learned - thinking instead that our child should automatically know just how to do these tasks. It's definitely worth taking the time to practise these skills with our children. The more developed our children's fine motor skills become, the easier they will be able to learn to write. 

Enhance fine motor skills by practising: 

  • Cutting
  • Placing and Pasting
  • Tracing and Colouring
  • Self-Care Skills e.g. buttons and laces
  • Finger Tracing
  • Art Skills e.g. dot to dot, fine mosaic and hama beads
  • Writing

The activities below will all help to support your child with developing their fine motor skills.