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Studley St. Mary’s

Church of England Academy

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Curriculum Map

Studley St Marys CE Academy deliver a broad and varied curriculum underpinned by the National Curriculum. A thematic approach is used to enhance enjoyment and engagement of subjects. Explicit links are made between the different areas of learning. Our curriculum overviews in each year group area outline the learning in more detail for each term. 

Growth Mindset

During the course of this year, we have been working very hard with the children to help them to build a Growth Mindset. There is a lot of research which shows that intelligence is not fixed and that our brain works like a muscle and the more we exercise it, the more it grows. 



We will continue to build the children's understanding of how the brain works and how they can exercise their brains to grow their intelligence. We can already see the children using the language of Growth Mindset in school and this is having a positive impact on the children's resilience and learning. 


Learning Values

In school, we are working hard to ensure that all of our pupils are developing skills for life.


Autumn 1 - Focus

We focused on "Focus" in the first half of the Autumn term. School is a very busy place and can be full of distractions. Life in general can often mean that we lose focus. We have worked with the children to help them develop their focus, by ensuring that know what this looks like in the classroom and constantly modelling these behaviours ourselves.

Spring 1 - Positivity

During the first half of the Spring term our Learning Power is "Positivity". We are striving to help all of our learners be positive about themselves and about their learning. One of the hardest things to be positive about is making mistakes. We will be celebrating making mistakes this half term as they are our best learning moments. Please help us to focus on the positive by asking your child to identify one positive moment every day.

Autumn 2 - Pride

This half term, we will be turning our pupils into Proud Pupils, who want to show off their work to visitors and who have books that they will want to keep for a life time. All children have had new books this term and are making a fresh start with their presentation. In the first three days, they have already demonstrated the determination to improve their work. This is a value that will help them to become high quality employees of the future. Below you will find our school poster promoting this skill.